Washington Village bushes have found a new home

Washington Village bushes have found a new home in Dunkies planters – and the boxwoods that now frame the SBNDC parking lot on Preble Street !

As you know Washington Village has started therefore the landscaping on the corner of Dorchester Street and Old Colony Ave., that we’ve enjoyed for the last several years, had to be removed to make ready for construction.

While Linda Zablocki tried valiantly and exhausted all avenues to save the Blue Spruce Trees, she was unable to do so – but we are thrilled that she was able to arrange for the relocation of all the bushes. HUGE thanks to David Pogorelc from Core Investments & Samuels & Associates

Kudos to J&J Services, for your hard work to make this happen.

We’d also like to acknowledge recent donations to our Beautification & Holiday décor initiatives:

Andrew Square Developers:
Malcom Barber and Niall Dowdall

ASCA Members:
Chelsea and Kris Laliberte, Ryan Long, Dana McLaughlin and Matt Abraham, Mary O’Neill, Kathleen O’Toole and the South Boston Chippewas Club,Nancy Coyle, William Davis, B/Spoke Studios, Michaela Rudis

Some good news from our Beautification Chair, Mary Moore: Parks & Recreation will be donating 200 daffodil bulbs for Andrew Square planters! Mary, Greg, Finnbar and Declan will be looking for some folks to join them for some gardening to get them in the ground, so watch for notice and details.