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All riders and employees are required to wear face coverings while riding the T.

Covid and MBTA

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As of July 20, 2020:
The following changes to service and operations have been made to protect the health and safety of essential workers who rely on public transit, as well as our frontline staff.

  • All riders and employees are required to wear face coverings while riding the T.
  • Service levels prioritize essential travel for healthcare and emergency workers.
  • Shared trips on The RIDE have been eliminated. RIDE customers can still bring a personal care attendant or guest on their trip.
  • The CharlieCard Store is closed until further notice.
  • We’ve installed new protective barriers and decals at the front of vehicles to help maintain distance between riders and operators, allowing us to resume front-door boarding on buses and at street-level trolley stops. Riders who are able should board at the front door and exit at the rear door. (Note: Shuttles between North Station and Lechmere will continue to board at the rear door until further notice.)
  • Standard fare collection processes will resume at the front doors of buses and trolleys.
  • Bus operators have the option—with approval from the Control Center—to bypass a stop if they feel the bus is becoming too crowded to safely accommodate any more riders.
  • Stations and vehicles are being cleaned and sanitized with increased frequency.

This page is regularly updated as more information about the COVID-19 outbreak becomes available.